Saturday, August 15, 2009

Well, today I took the old beater camera and headed out for a bike ride. This shot was taken at the mile 20 mark. Wish I could take my good camera. Weird not having control over the shutter speed, the focus or the aperture. I rode from Big Rapids to Reed City and back. Got all the way to RC and just about crashed into a 1960's Camero. Seams they were having a car show and it was on rails to trails! I rode around for a little, some sweet cars showed up. I then rode east and saw a sign for the Crossroads 5k. I was not happy. Wished I would have had my Nike's with me. Reed City is a smaller town, and I was thinking there would not be a lot of runners. Maybe I could finish in the top 20, if only 20 showed up! But since I had no running shoes I road south to the truck. This 10 mile stop was a very boring place, well unless you like pictures of pioson ivy! So I sat the camera down and snapped this shot. I'll work on getting better! This camera has been all over the country. Dropped on Mount Si, kicked down a steep rock cover hill called Mount Rainer. It has survived Geo-Caching the the 100+degree heat of San Antonio Texas. So I was shocked it actuly worked. It is hard to get use to. Going from a camera that will take a picture within one second of being turned on, also taking 6-8 pictures a second. This Kodak CX4230 takes like 30 seconds to turn on and will take about 2 pictures a minute. I LOVE my DSLR. Ok, it's time to take the family out to eat. See ya tomorrow. LIVESTRONG. Oh Ya Congrats to Lance for winning the Leadville race.

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  1. Mike Heymann, Arlington, TXAugust 17, 2009 at 12:37 AM

    Yep, once you get a Dslr no other camera will ever compare unless you get a newer dslr to play with ;). Really wish I would have made it to San antonio when you were there speaking of which, when you gonna come back to Texas and come hunting with me.