Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rockford Fire Softball

Had the chance to go hang out with the folks from Rockford Fire last Saturday. They had a softball game. They asked me to play, ha ha. I took the camera instead. I felt if I would have played ball one of two things woulda happened. One, I would have shown them up, only to never be invited back. Two, died on the field. I figured number two was more likely, so I chickened out and used the camera as my excuse. Besides did I really want all of those sweaty Rockford ball players jumping on my chest?

I shot quite a few pictures, all posted on my web site, but the one I was shooting for is right here, where ever here is! I am thinking to the left and up? It is Dennis, he is a pro ball player from the hood. Ok, so he's not. But he'll be famous now I am sure! Seeing he is in my blog and on my site. No Dennis, this doesn't make me your newest fan. It just means that your the poor soul that hit the ball at the right time. And if you get hooked up with a good pro-ball team remember you owe me a beer. But if you sign with a good team you won't live in Michigan. The only good team we have is the Wings. And your skinny little ass would get pounded in hockey!

Ok so now I must go. The flames have died down from the grill. So the hockey pucks, oops i mean burgers must be done. I must log off now, finish dinner and head off the house of red trucks. I have things that need to be done. Chow for now. You can't wait for tomorrow log, we are going to roast hot dogs using a transformer. not the toy you rejected, one of those things up on the power pole. This should be a blast! LiveStrong

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