Sunday, August 9, 2009

The family headed to a great small church on Saturday. A friend from the Fire Department was getting married. All of us went and we had a blast. I don't shoot weddings. To much on the line, but it sure is easy to be a back seat photo-g and be thinking.....why is she not here? But, the church was awesome! Other than the brightly lit white wall, most of my shots were on the hot side. Lightroom work coming my way. The wedding was very well done and he didn't run for the doors. This girl must be something else! Glad to see she met a guy like Moose, he's a hell of a good guy.

As for bike riding.......well, I slept in. I did get up at about 5a.m. to get ready but luckily is was raining hard. So i went back to bed. I got up at noon (oops) and it had quit, but we had to get ready to go to the wedding. I am hoping for a Sunday ride. Calls for high humidity, yuck.

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