Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another lovely day without power. Received an email and it says we MIGHT have power back late Wednesday the 13th. Hard to believe the world hasn't ended. I mean how many kids are there with a Wii, PS3 or a Xbox that doesn't work! HA my son is home removing about 1/2 of the trees we lost that I cut up last night. I bet he never thought the day would come that he could go 2 days with out guitar hero and still be breathing! Actually I never thought I'd see it either! I have yet to even see a power company truck in the "hood". It has actually been a good thing. All of the neighbors are out helping each other out. Gives a chance to meet them all and help out.

As for the picture of the day, it is from a trip to Grand Turk. Wish I was there again, still. You get the idea. See you tomorrow.

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