Monday, November 12, 2012

I am a Rock

So here it is November the 12th. So if you happen to keep an eye on this blog you will be in shock! I think this may be my 3rd update this year! and the second in a few months. No the world isn't going to end, that happens in December, so You have to wait until January for that story!

The Iceman has come and gone. The weather was...well, it is called ICE-man for a reason. Took about 3000 pictures, and even sold a bunch.

I took a ride on a ladder and did well. Took it all the way to the ground and came up kicking. Well, ok I wasn't kicking, but i was able to walk on my own. Took a day off to relax and then back to work. but I got this back thing fingured out, I got the meds, I got the stretchs and I got the rehab all figured out. I just don't have the paper work on the wall so I can get paid to show others how to do it.

So this year, not counting shitty ice, my Brother getting whacked by an asshole in a car and blowing my back out twice, has been pretty good.

This is the time of year in Michigan you hear a lot of adds for the Male Strippers coming to the State. The DNR (department of natural resources) hears these adds and does all of us guys a HUGE favor and opens White Tail Deer season. I love the DNR. This time of the year I am little by little getting, how do they say it? I am "getting my poop in a group". It would suck to only plan for 30 hours and find out you had forgotten something important. Something like the latest "outdoor life" magazine, or your pop.

But his year I will be at the local hospital pacing back and forth. A great friend of mine found out that she has two Tumors. Her and her husband laughingly call them "the twins". The doctors for some reason decided to do the operation on the 15th. I guess they felt since they had to work they'd find a gal who had friends who hunt and pick her. The skinny vegetarian will have hers done and the 16th. But non the less, I will be there. Can't say I even thought twice about hunting. I need to be there, as she would be there for me. I have hunted since i was 12 or 13 (you do the math) so I have 32 years of "openers" under my belt. And I hope to have many more. So to miss one really isn't gonna hurt me. I'll miss it, sure as hell, but I will know I am right where I need to be. There in the hospital. Hoping and praying she beats the 10% odds.

I am a Rock.

That has been her saying for a year and a half. It all came about after a Medical call we both went to. A young beautiful girl ran to her Father for a ride on the mower. She slipped and fell and her Father struck her as he backed up. I do not have to give you much more details than that. I lost weeks of sleep, no need for you to loose any. But this call effected us, her and I. It sent us both into a spiral that I was sure would find us both in hell. But I made it with the help of some professional help and hers, and we got out of it. For the most part anyways. When people would ask her how she is doing she'd just answer "I am a rock". I always wanted to slap her for saying that. We both knew we were in hell, and just once I wanted to see her stop keeping it inside, to watch her explode into a screaming ball of terror and let someone have it. Would it have helped? Not the slightest, but Gad damn It would have been fun to see. Cuz I knew I wanted to. I was sick of being up all night, listening to the voices.

So this November 15th, enjoy the time you have in the woods. Send me a photo. 616.262.0376. I will be where I need to be......

I am a Rock