Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dusty brains

So it's been over a month since I posted anything in here. I'm a slacker.

At the beginning of March I signed up for a time Trial. The Fisk Knob Time Trail. Don't know what the hell I was thinking. But, a road race is something I have always wanted to do. I guess sometimes the hardest part is getting on line and registering. So one day I got a bug in my ass and did it. I rode the course twice before the race. I compared my 2 runs to the results of 2009. Yep, I had last place in my age group locked in. The best time I had turned was 57:00:. It was the Friday before the race, the race was on Sunday. i pushed and I paid for it. Once I got to the flats my calves locked up, solid like rocks. I stretched them when I got back into the hills and figured two days would be plenty to recover. I was wrong. While in the starting gate on Sunday I was still stretching out my calves. I didn't have much pressure really. All I had to do was finish and I'd be a happy camper. And finish I did. I did it 1:00:59. (I was about 5 minutes slower than the finisher in front of me. 5 minutes is for ever in a time trail.) Slower than I had hoped, but considering I lost my chain once and took no time to train I was mostly happy. next year I'll do better.

Then last weekend my Brother was in a race. The Barry-Roubaix. What a race, started in a park, raced through a small summer cottage village and onto the gravel roads, later turned into paved roads. I wish I woulda rode that ride! But I was happy behind the camera and took what turned out to be 393 "keeper" pictures. All of them are on the web-site. Only trouble with the shoot was the ending. I got stuck behind some riders on a gravel road. Didn't wanna be the typical prick in a car and force them to let me by. So I took my time, passed when I could. In the end it cost me "finish line" pictures of Craig. but I guess it is better than whacking a rider.

Ok, so this here blog takes me of the list of "slacker/blogger" so I will go now. I'll be back sooner, or maybe later.

Ride safe,
Oh ya, Put your dam RoadID on.