Monday, August 10, 2009

The storm

Wow! 10-15 minutes of heavy rain and high winds cause havoc in the township. We received one page, everyone respond to the station. From there the Chief received a couple of phone calls from dispatch and the fun began! We had about 15 scenes we needed to go check. Wires down on propane tanks, wires on houses, wires on road, trees....well, we had trees everywhere. It was pretty tough to reroute people because everywhere you sent them the road was closed due to downed trees or power lines. It is reported that 45,000 folks have no power. By the number of power lines down in my neighborhood I am gonna be lucky to have power Wednesday. Just remember as the storm work clears that the power line that had been dead for hours/days may be re-energized as power line work is going on. If you smell smoke, and your wife isn't cooking, call 911, the lines to your house may be loose, or you may have had a surge and something isn't happy with it. Oh ya, get the hell out and stay out.

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