Monday, August 17, 2009

My legs were saying.......

Ever have one of those days on the bike? A day you wish you and Lance were together cuz you felt like a machine, that stupid little bunny that kept going and going? I have to, but it wasn't today. I was ready to go home when I was only a couple of miles into the ride. But I had to get some miles on. My goal for the year is to just ride an average of 10 miles a day. Should be a piece of cake, and for a while it was. But today it was like going to get a tooth pulled. I had one of those days that when I was only half way up Fisk Knob I tried to kick down a gear and I was in the sissy gear already. My legs were smoked before I got to the summit. I guess my back was jealous and it felt like a big cramp before I had hit the 8 mile mark. I need a new bike! I had already passed one of the 10 mile marks and I just took a picture from the bars, while moving. When I hit my second 10 mile mark it was in a very fitting place. So I stopped and took a quick picture, seeing my battery eating cell phone was blinking Low battery (tell me, mine was too) I took a quick shot and shut it off. Didn't take much time setting it up, didn't care about equal lighting, or the rule of 3rd's, I took the shot and threw my cramped apendage over the seat and rode off into the bug filled trail. Oh what fun it is to ride on a two wheeled Trek. Ok, gotta go for now. LiveStrong

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