Friday, August 28, 2009

So who would hold a cool training and take pictures with a cell phone? Yah, i know. STUPID. So I got the pictures sucked off my cell phone and onto the laptop. Maybe tomorrow I will pitch them into LightRoom and see if I can remove some of the "cell phone" look and get them better looking. But I will say watching electricity pass through grass and kite string good enough to light up two light bulbs is pretty darn awesome.

So today's picture is of Mount Rainer, took in September of 2002. Had a blast, wish I could go back. It was a great trip. More of those pictures are on the web site.

The weather is really nice.......for October. I have a BAD itch to go into the woods and look for some deer. So hopefully in the near future I'll have a buck or two to show off. Don't hold your breath, I don't see many "wall hangers".

OK, I gotta get to bed. Tomorrow I get up early and work at passing out food at the Angel food ministries. Then some famous country singer will be there, he sings "I don't have to me till Monday". Hope you know who that is! Any how, he'll be there doing some PR, and he is off in a fire truck to Meijers for more PR. So you'd think that would be all? HA we then have the annual fire department get together. So off to the sack I go. Tomorrow I'll take the good camera, maybe I'll get a good picture of......What's his face!


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