Monday, August 24, 2009

It's over.

What a week that was. Not going to get into all of the details, but it was a very crappie week. I am so glad it is over and everything turned out good. It could have been a very shitty week.

Right now I am setting a cheap hotel about 1 mile north of the Mackinac Bridge. We had a birthday party for Tristan, the 4th party already. Dam I feel old. Had a great time, stayed and visited for a couple of hours and then we headed to Mackinac. Looks like as of right now we will be headed to the Island tomorrow. Kinda hard for the kids to make up their minds. We did "summit" Castle Rock today. Went out to eat and then found a place to take some moon pictures and bridge pictures. So here I am waiting for a very slow internet hook up to load some pictures, then head to bed. Tomorrow looks like it will be a 500 picture day. Love it. Other than the 4 hour ride home! Got the new LANCE book, HA, I have something to read!

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