Thursday, September 3, 2009

2000 miles down, 1650 to go

Seams that anywhere you go in Michigan is an orange barrel. No fun to stop here, of all places, to take a 10 mile picture. I figured out my over all miles and found that I only needed to ride 2.2 miles to hit the 2000 mile mark. So i took a nice easy ride on lunch and got it done. I wasn't thinking an orange barrel would be posing with my Trek.
Last night we took our Fire Department pysicals. I failed the EKG part and was told to not ride the bike until I saw my family doctor. Well, you need to know my family doctor! He has about the IQ of an empty water bottle. I'll not tell you the whole story. It'll give me something to blog about friday night! So anyhow I get to go pay him to be an hour late. He'll walk in and say whats up? I'll give him the low down. He'll say go give the nice lady at the desk $20.00 and I'll reschedule you for an EKG. I am just hoping he checks my blood pressure before all of this! It is normaly high any time I go see him anyways!
So anyhow I am zipping, oops i meant, taking it easy down the trail. I caught myself singing a Miley Cyrus tune. Go ahead laugh but with two girls in the house you find yourself listening to stuff you normaly wouldn't. Besides she ain't actually to bad. But the song "The Climb" was going through my noodle. Go google it. Ok I am off for now. See you tomorrow. LiveStrong

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