Friday, September 11, 2009

Well, it's 9-11. Sad day in the country. The news is blasted with the terrible scenes of the attack on NYC. Can't imagine being in the towers and jumping to your death. As a country we lost 343 fire fighters in the attack. And still guys are fighting for their lives from the poor air quality during the rescue. Sad thing is that NYC had told those people that the air quality was safe. More government bull shit. But, still we hear nothing of the suicides that are happening due to the attacks. What a shame.

So a few years ago I sat down and did some looking and figuring. I found out how many people that were reported dead. Then thought if we only did one funeral each day, starting on the day of the attacks it would look like this:

TRADE CENTERS Last Funeral Date
Total Deaths 2752 03-25-2009 (Civilians/workers)
Fire fighter deaths 343 08-20-2002
Police officer deaths 75 11-25-2001
Flight 11(struck north tower) 92 12-12-2001
Flight 75 (struck south tower ) 65 11-15-2001

Total deaths 125 01-14-2002 (Civilians/workers)

Flight 77 (pentagon) 64 11-14-2001
Flight 93 ("Let's Roll"-PA) 44 10-25-2001
All deaths combined 3020 12-18-2009

So just think, look at that last number. All deaths combined. We would still have a few months of funerals to attend. 3020 deaths! And the jack ass running this country wants to attach a new name to 9-11 to make it a more happy day! WTF? I would challenge him to go to any fire house in NYC and see what the guys there think. Sure Obama no problem, let all forget everyone that was murdered that day and hell while we are at it maybe we should get Hallmark to come up with some pretty flowered cards to sell!!!!!

By the way, if you send me one of those cards expect to get it back!
please note the picture posted is NOT mine, I take no credit for it. I copied off the internet.

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