Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well, racing is over for the year. Had above normal nice weather for the Big Rapids race. A little chilly in the mornings. But, compared to last years rain and cold.....I loved it. This picture is one of the racers, I think Terry Kerr, doing a little Pre-race fishing. Didn't see him catch anything. But I thought it looked like a picture that had to be taken. The race turned out great. Only had 2 guys came out of their boats. No injuries, and we all stayed dry in the rescue boats. Had the SLT's there and they put on a great they always do. Gotta go check out my site for pictures of them. I don't see them very often so the day was pretty much all pictures of them. I also had two of the SLT drivers drive the rescue boat around Saturday. So I kinda picked on them as my subjects. Hope I got some good pictures of them. It'd be cool to have one of them. They are fast and the things turn on a dime. Would be a great fun toy to have. Don't know about racing one of them, can't see me going neck and neck at those speeds! Ok off I go for the day. See you soon. Live Strong.

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