Monday, September 7, 2009

What a weekend. Dad, Craig, William and I took off Saturday for the thumb. I had searched the web and found a water fowl guide in near Port Hope. I had called Ray a few times and we had picked Sunday as the time. We got there Saturday night and met them at his house. He took us to a buddies house and we called a nice addition to a pole barn our home for the night. The next morning at 4:30 we got up and headed to Hot Shot Outfitters to meet up with the gang and go hunting. Hauling two trailers full of decoys and blinds we arrived to a nice fresh cut hay field. After a short time we were ready to go. But as geese will be they were lazy and hung out on Lake Huron longer than we'd like. But when they came they came. The weather was perfect, even had some fog roll in to add to the pictures. When we finally called it a day we had a total of 30 geese taken for the group. It was a blast. I did more videoing than shooting. William had a great time. I'll bet he'll be packed and ready next time i bring up the idea of going again.

Of course there are pictures on the web site.

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