Tuesday, November 12, 2013

yearly post

So a friend on Facebook talked about a blog. So here I am updating my blog! One year to the day. Yah I know I am a slacker. Been an ok year. Compared to other years.

Haven't screw my back up . Since. ....oh about 9 months. Which is awesome. Maybe this year I will fish a NAIFC tournament after all!

The hell is nite mares aren't around as much. I won't explain how nice that is. I am sure you understand. Lots of shit going on at the fire department.  It's kinda like a room full of adult 5 year old drama queens. But I guess that's part of life. I did get my letter from the big shots at the government. Only 12 more hours of doing training classes and I can apply for my State Instructors Permit. I don't ever see teaching classes for a living but, but it was a goal I have had for a long time. Since back in the days when my brother and I would respond to the fire house with Dad. We would wash the same truck everytime. The truck that never moved. We stocked the fridge with beer. Played pool. Slid down the brass pole. Back when you could have one. God only knows that the government thinks it's OK I go into a house fully on fire, but DO NOT slide 10 foot down a pole. Nice work.

My photography has stalled. So has my bike riding. And my hunting. And my fishing. Times change I guess. But ice fishing will be hot this year. Gonna keep my back in one piece and gonna fish hard. Hopefully get the kids out more. Get some other family's out fishing. Those that aren't so lucky to be set up as well as I am.  Get the kids out and have some fun. People may find it hard to believe that some guys will grill steak on a grill in the shanty!

Maple syrup season was insane this year. It started the end of February and ran till the beginning April. I put out 10 gallons.  Which is 9 gallons over last year. Gave it all away. I enjoy making it and my reward is seeing people enjoy it. I tapped 4 trees in my yard and oh about.....10 at moms. Made for long nights. Get home and start boiling at 7th and go to bed at 2am. Then repeat. 4 or 5 nights a week. But it was great.

So I guess that's it. Jamming to the new Eminem CO and texting a friend in North Carolina. Time for me to go to bed. I would love to say I will blog more. But most of my entries are of me saying I will blog more and it is obvious I dont.

Good night.
God Bless
And use a 3 mm jig and 1 lbs test line. If you want better fishing tips call me. I will take you out. 616.262.0376 (once we have safe ice)

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