Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Michigan Mountain Mayhem

What a week end eh? Friday night I was so happy I had been asked to shoot pictures! Cold and rain, not very good riding weather.

Saturday morning came around to the same kind of crap weather. But, as the morning went on the weather got better and better. Roads where drying up and it also warmed up. Just about perfect weather after awhile.

I had hoped for a more riders. Yet, with the weather the way it was and this being the first year of the ride I heard 400+ riders were there! Thats cool. Next year I have to think 400+ more will show up.

I have been to many events, yet I have to say, this ride is the ride of the year in Michigan for road bikes. It's one of those rides where your setting around with your buddies and you open your mouth and brag that you rode it. Deep in their minds they are saying "Yah right" You know their jealous, and they were wishing they could pull that card out. You know, the one that says "I rode the toughest hilliest road bike ride in Michigan". The cool thing is not many buddies can brag about it. I know I can't. Heck I sat at the top of "the wall" with my brother and thought, "How the hell can ANYONE ride up that hill, and to think they all have 50+ miles on up to this point!" Go ahead, see me at the bar, set down and pull out the card. I'll listen in awe, I'll be jealous, I'll know that you were one of very few to ride the Michigan Mountain Mayhem.

See you all next year. Yah, I'll be there, on top of "the wall". Be sure to wave to me, and yell, "Your jealous and I know it."

Ride safe, wear your RoadID.