Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, busted by the Blog cops. Thought I'd be all about this blogging stuff. Come to find out I never remember to post anything. My live is kinda boring, but NOT that boring.

So a quick update. Went our Saturday morning with my brother and Son. We rode mountain bike at Cannonsberg. Man I feel old. They both kicked my butt. So to celebrate William and I headed out sunday to a trail near Rockford. Luten Park I believe was the name. He tells me that it is flatter and more "flowy" then Cannonsberg, but a little more technical. A little? BS. Flatter? BS. Both ride were about 7.5 miles long. Saturdays ride was 500'+ of climbing and on Saturday it was 450'. Both days were way to hot to ride. But dam I had a blast.

I think the best way to sum it all up was done well by my brother. He spoke of the weather: "humid enough today ya gotta chew the air before ya breath it."

So as it would be I am in a hurry to blow out of the office and go riding with the kid. Sure he'll kick my ass. But it's days like these he'll remember while changing my diaper.

I'm outta here.