Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The little things

So here it is, summer. So happy for all of you that enjoy this. I find nothing more satisfying that walking out side in the morning, feeling good about the day. Yet before I get to the car parts of my body are already dripping with sweat. Not ever going to understand peoples love for summer, hell its so dam hot i haven't seen many skeeters around. Poor bastards are in the swamp, hiding under the shade of a fern.  So yah, you got me, one flipping good thing about heat. Still i set here, waiting for fall, and for winter.

I was out in the sugar shack tonight. Hung up a new poster, and just sat there. Thinking of the time and energy and sweat and worry and beer that have all been consumed in that little 14 x 16 garage. Then you pause and realize all the "stuff" was all well spent. No one in my family likes real maple syrup. I do it for others.

I looked at my fishing pole setting there, my one man ice shack, my 4 man shack, my propane ice drill. Above me were the sleds, all full of great gear. All of it, paid for with sweat and worry and a ton of energy. yet, only my Son and I like fish.

Guess if you have read this whole blog you may remember the one called something like "its about whats not there". All this time and energy and money and sweat and "sacrifice". Its about none of that. Anyone can spend those things, God knows many have done more. Its all about the joy that others get from it. The quick email saying "its the best maple syrup" they have ever tasted. Or the 20 mile trip out of my way to give some fresh fish to an elderly lady that cry's and says "thank you, since my husband has died I don't get much fish. We loved to fish.........." and a hour later she shuts the door.

It's being thanked by a middle aged man "Thank you so much for leaving your familys to come here and do this. i know you did everything you could" After you stop doing CPR on his Father the one he just talked about. "My Mother has ALS and its a full time job for Dad and I." As you cover his Father with a sheet. Another loss, so few wins. This man had no Idea the demons that we live with, his Father dead, yet he thanked us. Its a little thing, yet i will never forget it. I hope His "Thank You" fades the screams

 "You did your everything you could"

 But is it ever enough? I have to say standing in a door talking to an old lady about fishing is MUCH more satisfying than hearing "TOD 11:13".

The little things, splitting a chunk of wood to feed the evaporator. Fishing one more bait to give the fish away.  Spending a few more hours doing something. Just to maybe help someone have a better day.

It's the little things folks. Stop. Take a second. Maybe two. Say Hi to some one. Open a door for a Lady. Buy a Thank You card and write a small note, sign it, give to the next US Veteran you see. (yes, i do it all the time)

The little things you do today. May be some ones big thing tomorrow.