Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ice is gone!

Well, once again...i have not updated this blog in months.

My brother in law, Chase, and I signed up for a NAIFC pro fish tournament. I decided to pre-fish the lake on Feb 18th. Planned on meeting some pros from the Detroit area. But while I was getting onto the ice I had some back issues. I laid on the ice for about 20 minutes before some guys picked me up and carried me off the ice. After a long painful journey, to much to write down, i got home. Later that night the pain set in big time, had my son call 9-11. My brothers from the Fire Department showed up. Gave me great care, and a little bit of a hard time, but i end up in ER. Spend a few days at home in bed. The tournament ended up cancelled due to poor ice.

So here it is months later. I am pain free in my back. But the nerve damage is still there. It is great to be on your feet most of the day and have a part of your leg just fall asleep. But i'll take that any day!

Crap fishing is going pretty good. First trip out me took a mostly suckers and a few crap. But last weekend we spent all night on the lake. Took about 10 crap. The two biggest I shot and were both ounces from being 30 lbs, Brett shot some dandies, his biggest two were in the mids 20 pound range.

Ok, i have said it in all of my posts. I'll do better at updating. But you know I won't!

Be safe

Trained to survive, willing not too.