Friday, September 10, 2010

DC part 2

...........I stayed here for awhile. A half hour maybe. I took lots of pictures not knowing when or if I'd ever be back.

I got up and walked slowly toward the visitor center. It was then remembered about the Marine WWII memorial and headed that way, water less. It was a very long hike, seamed like 5 miles, might have been 1. I took a few turns wrong and ended up toward a Kennedy. Then I pulled out the darn map and saw a trail that would take me right to the spot I was looking for. The walk took me back toward the visitor center. I did make it there and it was awesome. Again I took a lot of pictures. And left a lot of sweat behind.

It was a few hours later and I had called it day. Grabbed the Metro Red line and headed to the hotel. Worked on loading the daily pictures and took a shower. I later loaded a few shots to Face Book and had a friend note that I had visited him a day before his birthday. So i knew the next day I was gonna go back. And I did. Goofie singing Happy Birthday to some one in Arlington, but again, I knew if I didn't I'd regret it. I was SOOOO happy no one was around to witness it, trust me I kept an eye out!

Again, back on the Red Line and off to town. I did the Korean memorial, saw the Smokey Bear station and took a little tour. All in all it was way to hot to have fun, but I had done what I came to do and was happy.