Friday, April 16, 2010

Hospitals suck.

Hi everyone. I am doing day two of the hospital thing. I am not the patient, just the support. My buddie Joe had some sort of weight loss surgery done yesterday. Today is recovery day. I spent the night here. I find I weird the times that folks come and attack you! Jerimia the blood elf was here at 3:30am. So answer me this......why? 3:30 in the morning? Should you not be getting up to hunt or fish at that time of the day? The surgeon came in and gave us the game plan for the day. Then the PA came in and gave us the same plan for the day. Then the nurse came in and said hi. But still, no blood ferry. What the hell, come wake us up, poke us and then not even stop back by to say "hey!" Your off my friend list pal. I can say one thing, I have internet, I hate hospitals, they drive me nuts. It's not really the building or the people in it, hell this place is awesome. Its the fact that you just can't jump up and walk outside and enjoy life. Your like velcro'd to the bed. Don't move stay there. No worry about that alarm going off, it's just the IV, we can't show you how to shut it off, but, we can't hear it from the nurses station so get use to hearing it, it'll be on all night! UGH. So now I am off, I just was so bored at 8am, that I figured I should update this here blog. Sorry it's not world changing stuff, or something that moved you. but right now I'm just happy to be here, living and breathing. No tubes, no IV's no nothing. Just a room temp Mountain Dew that I smuggled in. That might be tomorrows story. Do they have jails in hospitals???

Remember wear your RoadID, it very well could make the difference in a hospital room or a casket. If you don't wanna wear the ID, no worries, just update your will. Piece