Monday, January 9, 2012

WOW + Ice!

Well, it appears it has been awhile since I have been here! Over a year! shame shame.

January 7th, Saturday.

Went ice fishing. It was not safe ice, but it was ice. We walked on on a lake near Newaygo Michigan. If you hit the ice twice with the ice spud it would go through. We walked out and found a safe place to set and fish. Only used one pole and we didn't dance or move. We did yell at a guy on shore for turning on his porch light. We feared the heat from it would make the ice less safe!

January 8th, Sunday

Drove to Lake Mitchell. It had ice, and safe ice. Fired up the new Jiffy Auger and drilled some holes. Never found fish and the water was only 6 foot deep. Depressing, but it was ice fishing.

We moved to Lake Cadillac. The ice was just as safe. Drilled 20 holes and the deepest we found was an amazing 9.5 feet. WTF? We fished and marked a few fish. But never got a hit.

Hope better ice comes soon down here in the southern part of the mitten. Cuz we got to get on the ice. We are signing up for a NAIFC Pro tournament and we have some serious pre-fishing to do.

Ok, so i am going to keep the ice fishing season posted here. Maybe that will remind me to update this blog more than bi-yearly!

If you have ice, and want fishing friends call me. I am set up for 3 people. Call me.

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