Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold mornings

Well, today the weather was great for what I wanted to do. I have been watching this place on the river. Once the weather was just right I was gonna go take the perfect picture. Today the weather was perfect for it. But needed to have brought the rest of my gear.

I gotta up a little later than I had planned. Being I've tried this shot for years I had the "it ain't never gonna happen" blues. ANd the fire place felt SOOOOO good. Besides did I really want to drive 30 mile north just and try to take a picture? In the truck the round trip would cost me $10.00, and I am sure the picture will not get that kind of income. But as the last second was upon me I took off and headed out.

Once in the truck I thought, need the tripod. It is in the Honda, the locked Honda. Need the good lens, in the same Honda, Locked. So i thought screw it and took off.

Have you ever tried a 2 second exposure, hand held? Even with the IS turned on. If it would not have been 20 degrees, and if I wasn't may have been Ok.

But the angle I wanted just wasn't there. With the light the way it was I'd wanted to close up the aperture to like 11.0 and then crank the shutter down to like 1.5 seconds and hope for a slow exposure I could come up with something. NOT.

But as I was writing off my east facing shot I noticed a descent west shot. It turned out better than the shot I drove there for. So if your going out to take pictures, take ALL of your gear with you. Don't be a knot head like me!

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