Monday, February 8, 2010

Step one.

Well, today I finally got the envelopes done and delivered to the Team in Training office. I sure hope that the 77 in turned in raise some mu-lah. I am really starting to doubt my ability to raise enough to go on my dream ride. But I guess I should be looking at it like I am only 1.5 weeks into it and the only way I have put out the word is on Face Book.

I did get the paper work filled out to be sent in to get the raffle numbers. So can't wait to get those number so i can start selling the tickets. Thanks to Reese Rickards and B-93 I have two AWESOME tickets to the Martina McBride and Trace Adkins. Price will be $10.00 a ticket. As soon as I get all the details set in stone and the permit I'll be shouting it out to start selling them.

Alright I gotta get for now. Maybe tonight i'll get some sleep!

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