Monday, February 1, 2010

Riding screaches to a halt.

Howdy, So this blog is all about this dude with a new bike and a killer camera. Then last week it turns to a dude with a camera and a bike fighting the cancer cause.

Right now, as far as i know the bike could set for a few more days. Now folks I will be known again as DustyWheels. See, I signed up with Team In Training and right now I have to get my poop together. Right now bike riding is no where near my high priority. I am hitting places for money, trying to get ideas on making money. Sending e-mails, getting address' to hand write letters. Right now my goal is to raise $5,000.00, and the slower it goes the more I think I might raise the bar to $6,000.00! Ask my Mother, I was one of two kids in the family, and I was never the bright one!!!

I have a cool idea in my head and sent out an email. Hate to let to much out but I am hoping the best morning show in Country Music in Michigan can help out. If that works out I will be looking into finding a bike shop in the Grand Rapids area, maybe Holland, to ride in. Then if the cards all fall together I'll release the details. I just hate to post a bunch tonight and get a "Are you shitting me"? response tomorrow.

I started this venture on Saturday with a small bag, like one of those "tree hugger" bags you reuse at the grocery store. It held everything I needed. HA, Well, now my laptop "for photography only" is my "Team in Training" office. I have moved into a brief case. And i find myself staying up at night coming up with fund raising ideas! I have a new note pad my side of the bed.

OK so now I have been working at the table for 3 hours and I need to go to bed.


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