Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday ride with the ladies.

I was finally able to make it to the training ride with the Team In Training team. Got there a little later than I had hoped. But, I was there, and nervous. I mean I had ridden just shy of 400 miles and I was doing my first indoor group ride.

Up until this point I choose my riding partners with great attention. First my brother Craig. Number one in the state in his division a few years ago in Mountain Bike Time Trial racing. Hey, if your gonna ride, pick the best! OK, so i didn't pick him because he kicks ass on a mountain bike, I picked him...well, because he'd ride with me. And I knew he'd take it easy on his younger fatter, more (by a long ways) out of shape brother. So we ride a few times a year. Then I picked Jake, he was a funny partner, we laughed so hard I thought we'd die, and we missed like 3 fire calls on one ride! Besides we rode like 30 miles in about a half a day! We were speed demons!

But now...I was with "The Team". You need to meet these people. Ladies, all of them. And they can ride. I was nervous that I'd stumble into the church with my Trek and walk out in crutches. I was shaking. I got the bike on the trainer and got ready to go. All of them looked at me like they had just planned on how to stomp me into the dirt. I thought about running, leaving the Trek behind as a peace offering. Then I thought, lets see what these ladies got. How could they be that bad? I mean if your crazy enough to raise money to fight Cancer AND pedal your butt on a bike around Lake Tahoe......They gotta have a soft spot somewhere.

The coach had to get some help getting the video to play. We should have had a small child there, it would have been much quicker! But in the end the video was playing. A little bit more and we got the audio going. We were up and running, I mean up and riding. The Coach had an awesome video. It wasn't one of those one where the guy just tells you this and that. This video was of a guy out riding his bike. It was great! We rode hard and had a blast. In the end we rode just over 17 miles in about 45 minutes. It rocked. So now I look forward to riding with these ladies again, soon.

So if your into the bike riding thing and sick of the normal training video watch these..

Oh ya, and like Coach says, once in while, if your good like us, you might have to wait for "Coach Troy" cuz he may have his own videos.....but the don't hold nothing on the "Team in Training" bikers. I have to go now, I'm ordering my training videos next. Be safe, GO TEAM

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