Monday, August 30, 2010

One per month quota, Met.

I see i am right on course for an award for one crappy blog post per month. I really thought about putting off until tomorrow, but wednesday morning is Goose hunting. So sorry i'm not going to stay up blogging when I can be resting for hunting. It just won't work. Trust me it won't.

So my August started off pretty cool, well it was really freakin hot. The month started off in DC. We had nothing planned for the first day. That worked out well. Since the flights were all screwed up. We arrived in the afternoon and not in the morning like planned. So we had time to do a little walking around and we had dinner. Did I mention it was hot?

Day two was a day I had somewhat planned, notice I say somewhat. My plan was going to Arlington and seeing an High School friend Jeff Davis. And off I went, my second ride on the Metro. I kinda had it figure out now. I mean I made it all the way to Arlington and didn't get lost! Well, on the Metro anyhow. I got off the Metro and walked into the Arlington Visitor Center. I was sure I could walk right to section 54. But, I didn't remember "section 54". OOPS, take note, Arlington is NOT small, you want to be damn sure you know what section you are looking for. So I went off memory, another big mistake! I remembered the section he was in was two sections from the visitor center. So off I went. It was right about now I wish would have stopped and got some water! So anyhow. I took a short cut and headed across a parking lot, and past the first section. So as I get to the second section, it was empty! So off to the third section you know the one I am sure he is the one, I notice that I am on the wrong end. I'll say I was on the East side instead of the West. Honestly I never knew north, south, east or west the whole time I was there. So I figure crap one more section. At least I was upbeat! I was close and I was on the right end. So I went to the next section, it was huge and he was not there. To the next section, nothing. I stopped and checked out the useless map again and saw I was to far and I knew I was in the wrong place, for sure. So I headed to the Tomb of the Unknowns. i got there at 10 to noon. The bell sounded and I watched as the first Guard came out, shortly later the next Guard. I felt like I was in a good spot to take pictures and I was ready to go. To say I was moved would be an understatement. It was flooring. I shot alot of shots and watched as the Guards were switched and back they went. I have to believe these Men are the most dedicated people I have ever saw. The heat was intense and these young men marching like machines. I took shelter from the heat for about 20 minutes and then took my spot. I had scouted it out and got the place I wanted for my second round. I was on a mission. A mission to document my day there, and to not pass out. I finished with the 12:30 changing and headed back toward the visitor center. The closer I got the more upset I became. I really only had one single reason to go to Washington DC, it was to see Jeff. And the more I walked the more I felt defeated. I got to a place and it was like some one slapped my stupid ass. I had my new phone, and I could get onto the internet. Jeff had been a Guard for years, and on the Old Guard web site they had a page of Guards that had passed away, they also had some information. And on that site I knew they had Jeffs info. Section and Head stone number. I felt a small amount of relief. I was off again, still no water.

I found section 54 and in a short time stone 242. All I saw was the rear of the stone. I paused a for quite awhile. I guess I hoped when I went to the other side of the stone it would say Duffy Smith or something. But it didn't. i had found him. And after all these years it felt real. Real sad. I sat there for about an hour. Baking. I remember the times he would come over to his Aunts house, she lived right next to my Dad. We all took off behind the trailer park and would go sledding. And just plain hang out. I couldn't believe he was really gone........

more tomorrow I can't seam to see the key board anymore.

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