Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holy Dirt!

I guess I didn't realize how darn long it has been since I updated the ol' blog. I guess it's about time.

Last year I and the family were at the Rockford Bar, going in for the hot dogs and smiley faced fries. While standing in line I saw a little postcard flier, something about "Team in Training". I looked it over and put it in my pocket for later checkin' out.

It was the next day and I saw the post card in a pile of my accumulated "stuff" on my end of the bar table at the house. So i grabbed it and checked it out. Seams these kind of cool things are all about being able to run 30+ miles. Well, the boy can't. I did see something about a bike ride option, so I signed up to go to a meeting.

I went to the meeting and was so much wanting to sign up. Took the info home and then never did another thing with it, but wish I had signed up.

This year I went to the meeting. Again I came home to chat it over with the wife. We both were WAY to busy to chat. Actually I don't know if I have even spoke many words since the meeting with her. It looked like again this year it would not happen. Ends up the meeting was at 9:00. My daughter Dana had a volleyball match at 8:00. I found that I was bummin more than I thought I would. Didn't sleep last night very well. I found that I dreading missing another year.

We woke up early and headed to the volleyball match. If you ask Dana she'll tell you she was no good. But I think she rocked, her very first volleyball game and she got three or four points on her own. I was proud. but the game didn't last to long and they lost.

It was 8:45 and I hoped in the end I would have time to get to the meeting. All I knew was the name of where it was. It's good to have a wife that is not directionally challenged. She had a good idea where it was. With a quicker twitter and a quick response from my brother she knew right where we were going.

I got there in time for the 9:00 kick off. A quick program to show you how to change a flat tire. I had a blast watching the ladies trying to do it and not crack a finger nail. I think it was harder to stand back and not help them. But how do you learn unless you do it? So have at it. I made a mental note of who was doing well, and who wasn't. I mean what the heck if I flat I wanted help from someone who could do it correctly.......right?

Needless to say I joined the Bike table and listen to the information and signed up. Soon I will have my own web site just for this Team in Training ride! That will be cool! It kinda makes it so I have to update my blog more. I don't know a thing about the web site for TNT. So I am shooting to log something in here weekly. As things go along and the date is closer to going I may end up blogging daily. So keep yer eye out for me. I'll be posting that web site as soon as I get me. I want you pennies.

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